General Information

PCE-Liquid Polycarboxylate Slump Retention Type is a chemical admixture used in concrete to maintain its workability or slump without sacrificing its strength. It is a liquid form of polycarboxylate ether (PCE), a water-soluble polymer. The Slump Retention Type allows concrete to remain workable for longer periods, preventing it from becoming too stiff and difficult to pour. This type of superplasticizer is often used in hot weather conditions or for long-distance transportation of concrete. It is commonly utilized in various construction projects, including high-rise buildings, bridges, and highways, where large volumes of concrete are required.

Product Information

    • Product name: GE-011 PCE-Liquid Polycarboxylate Slump Retention Type
    • Apperance: Liquid, transparent or light yellow
    • Solid Content %: 50±2.0
    • pH value: 5-7
    • Dosage: based on real formula
    • Chemical Ingredient: Polycarboxylate
    • Package: 200 liters; 1.000 liters
    • Storage: store in a cool, dry place, avoid direct sunlight. Keep away from flammable, spark and hot materials.
    • Expiry date: 06 months from date of manufacture.

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